General Support

If you encounter any difficulties using the REPORTINJURY portal, please send an email to:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Look & Feel


Q: The website looks really odd, doesn't display properly, or is laid out incorrectly.

A: Please upgrade your internet browser to the latest version. We recommend Google Chrome. It's free and easy to use.


Q: Some aspects of the site do not load properly, or don't work.

A: Please ensure you have javascript enabled. Some functions within the site rely on javascript to enhance the way things work.

Dates & Times


Q: The dates and/or times listed for my reports are incorrect.

A: Please ensure you update your local timezone in Profile: User Settings


More to come...

More FAQs will be added based around the most common support questions we receive.

Account Support

Forgot Password

Q: I've tried resetting my password, but haven't received an email.

A: There are a few reasons why you may have not received an email. Please try the following recommendations:
1) Mis-typed email address: Repeat the process "Forgot Username/Password"
2) Junk Email: Check your junk/spam folder in your email account to make sure it has not been placed in there
3) If you have tried the above, please "contact" us for further support.


All other account support

For all other account support, please contact us at